You Say ‘Eether’ and I Say ‘Eyether’: Privacy Regulations from 2 Points of View

November 18, 2020 – 2:15PM EST

The business world is full of data privacy regulations and obligations. The legal community is full of lawyers with lots of advice about compliance. The information security world is full of techies who must operationalize data privacy regulations. What lies at the intersection of these three things? Is it chaos? Or could it be that success in the ever-changing world of data privacy regulations is best achieved by combining the viewpoints of the legal and technical experts? This presentation will explore the contrasting, but not necessarily conflicting, viewpoints of two experienced data privacy and governance professionals from very different backgrounds. An attorney and a technology professional, each with decades of experience, will present attendees the differing viewpoints necessary for a successful data privacy and governance program.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the perspectives of the various stakeholders in the data privacy and governance process.
  • Compare and contrast the focus and emphasis of legal and IT when addressing data privacy concerns.
  • Discuss the necessary cooperation between legal and IT, and the benefits that such a team confers on compliance efforts.

Andrew Neal

VP – Research, Gartner

Jennifer Sosa

Director, Information Security & Compliance Services, TransPerfect

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