The Hack and the Hacker

November 16, 2020 – 10:45AM EST

Anyone working in information security understands that communication is a crucial part to an incident response plan. But this conversation is missing collaboration from a key player: the media.

The mainstream media’s role to inform audiences and sway public opinion has yet to be leveraged by the information security community to produce consistent and informed articles on topics of security. Infosec remains in a bubble, with the public stuck in an information loop of data breaches and outdated security patches. As the industry grows, how should these channels of communication develop?

This talk will explore the relationship between press and information security, presenting case studies of how technical topics are represented in the media. An analysis of “security” representations in both print and online media will be also included.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the channels in which consumers learn about security.
  • Understand how security gets misconstrued in the media.
  • Get your research picked up, or covered, by a journalist.

Catherine Chapman

Security Journalist

Saskia Coplans

Founder and Security Consultant, Digital Interruption

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