Hiring and Being Hired: How To Be And Get The Right People in Infosec

November 18, 2020 – 12:45PM EST

In this discussion we will be talking about how do we, as professionals, both give and get interviews that focus on getting the right mindset of people in information security. Are we focusing on the right factors? Are we looking toward the right level of skills? We will discuss what questions work, what are a waste of time, and what we are potentially doing wrong as an industry. If you’re looking to be interviewed, we’ll talk about what skills you need to focus on and what skills you should be both working on and showing.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what questions work for interviews and what questions are potentially going to mislead you into hiring the wrong people.
  • Learn the factors of thinking that make for a successful information security professional.
  • Learn how to grow at a personal level to be the best professional you can be.

Brandon Dunlap

Managing Director, Brightfly, Inc

John Carnes

Executive Adviser, Anthem Inc

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