Easily Deployed and Sold Short

November 16, 2020 – 12:45PM EST

As we move forward with more and more advanced software, vendors are learning how to make things simpler, more efficient and more intuitive. It is important that we as professionals don’t get sold short on the complexities of still understanding the underlying systems and how they work. Simple software does not mean simple professionals can be hired to run it. Many companies are being sold short on the professionals that are required because the marketing material is billed as “simple to deploy, simple to operate.” How do you translate a vendor’s capabilities into the requirement to staff?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how vendors are working to improve their products, make them easier, and what this means for your internal practices and capabilities.
  • Learn how to staff properly for the software that is out there, realizing that simple on the surface can sometimes mean complicated underneath.
  • Learn about what it is that you can do to be successful and deploy even the “simplest” of software.

Erik Von Geldern


John Carnes

Executive Adviser, Anthem Inc

Brandon Dunlap

Managing Director, Brightfly, Inc

Timothy R. Robnett

vCISO, Wavefront Consulting, Inc

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