Build for Cybersecurity: Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity for Product Development Teams

November 16, 2020 – 12:45PM EST

Product developers design for manufacturability, ease of use, quality and a host of other design criteria. Rarely, though, do we hear something is “designed for cybersecurity,” Why is that? We know that it’s much more costly to bolt on security after a product is released; however, rarely does an MVP include the necessary cybersecurity. With supply chain cybersecurity increasingly urgent, your customers are already concerned about how secure your products and services are. Recent research at MIT has focused on this problem. In this session, we will share the latest thinking on building a culture of cybersecurity for product and service development teams. We will then discuss Liberty Mutual’s experiences in secure development by extending cybersecurity values, beliefs and attitudes to its product developers.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference in “designing for cybersecurity” and “including cybersecurity features in products/services after they have been designed.”
  • Have an action plan for creating a cybersecurity culture for product/service development teams.
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities for secure development in their own organization.

Dr. Keri Pearlson

Executive Director – Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan, MIT

Robbie Meitler

AVP – Global Cybersecurity & Response Readiness, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

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