“Biological Stuxnet” Law and Technology Around Nation-State Attacks on IoT Medical Devices and Genetic Data

November 17, 2020 – 2:15PM EST

We’ll focus on the potential exploitation of vulnerabilities in connected medical devices and genetic information by nation-states in order to achieve strategic goals. An attack on a medical device would likely involve a single target, while DNA manipulation would involve larger groups. Both scenarios would likely occur within the context of a campaign involving the use of deep fakes and other disinformation.

We believe that these tactics will be increasingly adopted by nation-state proxies, organized criminals and terrorists. We’ll discuss our research into the technical and legal aspects of, as well as mitigations to, this grave and under-explored area. Our hope is that organizations of all types and sizes will be better equipped to confront these non-traditional and emerging threats.

Learning Objectives

  • Think critically about possible vulnerabilities related to connected medical devices and manipulation of genetic material in the context of their organization.
  • Discuss various international legal regimes and international norms governing the nation-state attacks discussed. They will also be able to consider possible privacy and reporting implications.
  • Identify and discuss potential mitigation strategies throughout the cycle of this type of attack.

Jarrod Lynn

Security Professional

Paco Rosas Moreno

Chief Information Security Officer, Morgan State University

Wendy Lau

Cyber Risk Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank

Ninad Doshi

Azure Security Lead – US Financial Services Customer Success Unit, Microsoft

Corina Encarnacion

Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

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