Aligning the Modern Cybersecurity Strategy with the Business Priorities

November 17, 2020 – 12:45PM EST

We’re currently living through a time of great change that requires security teams to adapt to an ever-shifting landscape of business prioritization. This talk will focus on the migration of our respective teams to align our goals with business priorities to create greater engagement that helps fulfill larger organizational goals. Security traditionally has a mandate to limit risk; however, we must transform to enabling business agility. Both speakers have a history of making such security transformations within their teams. Financial services and retail have different regulatory requirements and business models, and their juxtaposition here will illustrate that each organization’s approach could work in other industries too.

Learning Objectives

  • Use the business alignment methods to invoke real-world change and migrate their teams to an enablers of business agility.
  • Understand a new people-centric approach to risk mitigation using business consultation techniques.
  • Take real-world architectural foundations back to their own organizations and align cybersecurity strategy with business goals and vision.

Shawn A. Harris

Director, Information Security – Strategy, Engagement, and Architecture, Starbucks Coffee Company

Jim Turchek

Manager, Identity and Access Management, Progressive Casualty Insurance

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