7 Layers of Container Insecurity

November 17, 2020 – 10:45AM EST

Containers make life easier, right? You just whip out your tight little microservices app, drop it into your container runtime, toss it into the cloud, and “voila!”magic happens. Sadly, we don’t live in the lollipop world of rainbows and unicorns. All of these “simple” things have compounding risk factors that quickly pile up along the way, accruing technical and security debt at breakneck pace. Here we’ll walk through seven major pain points “from dev to prod” that span the entirety of DevSecOps and may make you want to reconsider your approach to containers.

Learning Objectives

  • More fully assess the risks associated with containerized micro services.
  • Understand the complexities inherent to containerization.
  • Develop a plan of attack for risk management and security controls around containers, DevSecOps and micro services.

Ben Tomhave

Principal Consultant, Falcon’s View Consulting

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