Donate to help teach children how to be safe online




Donate to help teach children how to be safe online

The nonprofit charity Center for Cyber Safety and Education, formerly (ISC)2 Foundation, is committed to making the cyber world a safer place for everyone and we need your help. 

The Center works tirelessly to ensure that people across the globe have a positive and safe experience online through their award-winning educational programs and cybersecurity scholarships.

“I give because my small contribution helps children learn how to be safe cyber users. In turn, I’m sure they help others including parents and siblings be safer users too! #payitforward”

The Center believes in preventive education and has partnered with Garfield and (ISC)2 members to develop Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures, a digital citizenship program to teach children (6-11) the basics of online safety including Privacy, Safe Posting, and Cyberbullying through comic books and interactive cartoons.

Your gift today allows us to provide cyber safety resources for communities worldwide. 

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$5.00 (2-Children), $10.00 (4-Children), $15.00 (6-Children), $20.00 (8-Children), Other