Solutions Theater

Welcome to the Solutions Theater

The (ISC)² Security Congress Solutions Theater is your opportunity to hear from top security vendors. You’ll learn about products and services available to help you face the top challenges in the cybersecurity industry. 

Our Gold Sponsors will provide innovative and exciting information about their offerings during their 30-minute presentations. Once you have watched their sessions, visit their Expo Hall booth to connect. These experts are available to speak to all Expo Hall attendees and will share their experience, advice and recommendations.

Note: Solutions Theater sessions are not eligible for CPEs.

Fireside Chat with CrowdStrike

Anne Saita from Twirling Tiger Media and James Perry from CrowdStrike present a Fireside Chat addressing Incident Response in the time of COVID.

Modernizing Security with an Open Platform

Security must be integrated into everything. but how should you start and what should you consider?


There’s a tidal wave of managed, unmanaged and IoT devices sweeping across businesses in every industry.

Two Models of Application Security: The DMV and the Fishing Teacher

This webinar shares best practices from the report and teaches you how to lower your risk without losing your mind.

Passwordless and cloud-based identity for the new era of work

In this webinar, session participants will learn best practices for a secure remote workforce.

Busting the 6 myths of PAM

This session will identify the top PAM challenges and breakthrough the myths.

ZenGRC Technology Showcase

Provide a single source of truth for your infosecurity management.

I Know What You Did Last Summer – 6 Emerging Trends in Behavioral Biometric Identity Management

This talk discusses use cases for behavioral biometrics in the public, private, enterprise and consumer sectors.