(ISC)² Global Achievement Awards

(ISC)² recognizes individuals whose excellence and leadership have significantly advanced the cybersecurity industry and contributed to our vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world.

Acknowledging Achievements

(ISC)² offers a variety of awards that recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to cybersecurity and information security industry and who have made a difference in this ever-evolving industry, honoring their tireless efforts and standards of excellence. We encourage you to consider nominating qualified colleagues, mentors and peers.

2020 Award Winners – (ISC)² Global Achievement Awards

(ISC)² Senior Professional Award

This award recognizes individuals who have significantly contributed to the enhancement of the information security workforce by demonstrating a leadership role in an information security workforce improvement initiative, program or project. 

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Jack Freund, CISSP, CISSP-ISSMP, Head of Cyber Risk Methodology at Cyber Assessments, Inc – North America

Awarded for his work with the NIST Applied Cybersecurity Division on behalf of the nonprofit FAIR Institute to map together the NIST CSF Risk Assessment and the Risk Management Strategy domains to the OpenGroup’s FAIR risk taxonomy and risk analysis standards.

Over the course of his 20-year career in technology and risk, Dr. Jack Freund has become a leading voice in cyber risk measurement and management. He is the co-author of an award-winning book on cyber risk quantification and holds a doctorate in Information Systems.

Jack  is currently serving as Head of Cyber Risk Methodology for Cyber Assessments Inc. (Moody’s and Team8 JV). Previously Jack  served as Cyber Risk Director for RiskLens and TIAA. Jack  as named Senior Member of the ISSA, IEEE, and ACM, awarded a Global Achievement Award by ISACA, and named Fellow by the IAPP and the FAIR Institute.

 Dr. Katalin Szenes, CISSP, Security and Audit Consultant – EMEA

Awarded for her work in setting up the Security specialization at Obuda University in Hungary, and for educating IT professionals in that country on cybersecurity.

Presently, as an independent security / IT security & audit consultant I deal with the development of secure applications / network security / strategy / risk management / business continuity management / support of enterprise resource management project / business process reengineering; support in supervisory / audits of logical & physical security, SOX compliance.In Erste Bank Hungary, as Chief Information Security Officer / Data Protection Officer together with IT I secured the network topology, planned and implemented the information security defense system of the Bank.

Then in CIB Bank Hungary, a bank of Intesa Sanpaolo, as Senior information security adviser, I was responsible for the security of the Subsidiaries, for those of the applications, internet bank, projects, such as e.g. SAP, SAS.

In 1998 I established the teaching of security and information systems audit at University Obuda. As Expert Reviewer of ISACA I participate in the yearly update of the CISA Technical Reference Manual and that of COBIT.

Troy Hunt, Founder, Have I Been Pwned – Asia-Pacific

Awarded for adding new APIs to his website, which allows internet users to check whether their personal data has been compromised by data. The site has nearly three million active email subscribers and contains records of almost eight billion accounts.

Troy is a Microsoft Regional Director, founder of the data breach notification service “Have I Been Pwned” and currently acts as a strategic adviser to NordVPN. He frequently keynotes at events around the world, runs cybersecurity training workshops and makes regular media appearances.

Troy writes a blog at troyhunt.com from his home on the Gold Coast in Australia where he lives with his partner and children.

(ISC)² Mid-Career Professional Award

This award recognizes individuals who are at the mid-career stage and have demonstrated commitment and achievement in managing or implementing a vital component of a cyber, information, software, infrastructure program/project. 

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Lieutenant Kim Do, CISSP, Information Professional Officer for the United States Navy – North America

Awarded for collaborating with Naval Surface Forces Pacific and Navy Information Warfare Pacific on a groundbreaking initiative for network scanning aboard surface ships that resulted in measurable improvements to her ship’s vulnerability management program.

LTJG Kim Do currently serves as an information professional officer for the United States Navy. She currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Dongyoung Roh, Senior Researcher at The Affiliated Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute – Asia-Pacific

Awarded for development and standardization of cryptographic algorithms, a key technology for data security in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I received the Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from KAIST in 2011. I am currently with the Affiliated Institute of ETRI as a Senior Researcher. My current research interests include design and cryptanalysis of symmetric-key cryptography. And I’m working as an expert on standardizing cryptographic algorithms at ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27.

(ISC)² Rising Star Professional Award

This award recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of an up and coming professional who has made a significant impact in the information security industry early in their career. 

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Katia Dean, System Engineer, Anavation LLC and Founder, Katia’s Cylife – North America

Awarded for creating a website to help people understand the field of cybersecurity and provide educational content, while also connecting them with job opportunities in the profession.

 Katia Dean is the founder of Katia’s CyLife – a business to help people learn about the field and to navigate through their cybersecurity careers. As a career changer herself from the Electronic Engineering field, Katia coaches’ people from a variety of fields specializing in resume writing for the cybersecurity industry. 

Katia gives back to the community in various ways sharing her experience on various guest podcasts and collaborating with other cybersecurity organizations. Katia shared her own personal story with her Ebook The Struggle Is Real: A Blueprint to Excelling Into The Cybersecurity Discipline to encourage more people that you can make it through the storm.

(ISC)² Government Professional Award

This award recognizes government information security leaders whose commitment to excellence has helped to improve government information security and to advance an in-demand workforce. 

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Darcy Saint-Amant, CISSP, Colonel, US Army, U.S. Army – North America

Awarded for helping to create a collaborative, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)-wide community of interest and drafted a DoD Zero Trust Cybersecurity Strategy while building consensus to shift from a network-centric to a data-centric paradigm.

Colonel Darcy Saint-Amant is a cybersecurity strategist and Army officer with 22 years of service. She currently serves as the Commander of the 21st Signal Brigade, supporting national and strategic level communications missions. Darcy holds a Master of Science degree in Information Assurance from Norwich University, a Master of Science degree in Government Information Leadership from the College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC) at the National Defense University (NDU), a Bachelor of Science degree in Cultural & Political Geography from the United States Military Academy at West Point, and recently completed MIT’s Seminar XXI fellowship program.

 Yuval Segev, Director, Audit & Methodology, Israel National Cyber Directorate – EMEA

Awarded for implementing a national IT system that enables organizations in the Israeli economic market to anonymously review the state of their information security and controls.

Yuval is the Director of Audit & Methodology at the INCD.

Yuval has developed the first Cyber Defense Methodology for an organizational in the Israeli economy, and leads activities to create professional knowledge in the field.

As a part of his job, He is responsible for developing a variety of methodologies to protect the entire economy from a national and organizational perspective.

Prior to that, Yuval served for a number of years in several leading companies in a different management position. In his last position, Yuval managed CheckPoint GRC business.

Yuval holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA.

2020 Award Winners – (ISC)² Board Awards

The Board Awards recognize outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of cybersecurity over the course of a career. The following award recipients were hand-selected by the (ISC)² Board of Directors.

(ISC)² Harold F. Tipton Lifetime Achievement Award

The Tipton Award is presented by the (ISC)² Board of Directors as the highest tribute bestowed in the information security industry. Named after Harold F. Tipton, CISSP, known as the “George Washington of information security,” the award honors his memory and the tradition of passionately promoting and enhancing the information security profession by serving over the long term with excellence and distinction.

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Yves Le Roux, CISSP  – EMEA

 Le Roux is a security and privacy expert who has spent five decades in information and network security, standardization, privacy, compliance and risk. 

After his graduation from Paris University in 1970, Yves LE ROUX worked in the Rothschild  Group where, among others tasks, he was in charge of the network security and other security related issues. In 1981, he joined the French Ministry of Industry where he was in charge of the  Open Systems Standardization programs. In 1986, he took the position of European Information Security Manager at Digital Equipment.  Then, he joined the security research and development team. In 1999, he went to Entrust  Technologies, PKI software editor. In 2003, Yves joined Computer Associates Int. as a  Technology Strategist. In April 2017, he retires from CA Technologies.

Fellow of (ISC)² Award

The Fellow of (ISC)² Award was established to honor and distinguish an elite information security professional who has made outstanding contributions throughout their career to the information security profession. 

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Bonnie Butlin, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Security Partners’ Forum (SPF) – North America

Under the SPF banner, Butlin created the Women in Security and Resilience Alliance (WISECRA – which engages a growing network of women in security and resilience associations/groups globally), and also serves as an Expert Network Member in Cybersecurity with the World Economic Forum.

Bonnie Butlin, is the co-founder and executive director of the Security Partners’ Forum (SPF), a first-of-its-kind agile international network of security professionals, bridging all domains and disciplines of security. Under the SPF banner, she created the Women in Security and Resilience Alliance (WISECRA), which engages networks of women in security and resilience entities across the globe.

Bonnie Butlin has received numerous international awards and accolades, related to security and leadership. In 2017, she was appointed to the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network in Cybersecurity, and in 2018 was appointed to the Global Advisory Council of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management.  

James R. Wade Service Award

The James R. Wade Service Award is awarded by the (ISC)² Board of Directors to acknowledge the involvement of those volunteers who merit special distinction for their sustained and valuable service to (ISC)².

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Hymavathi Pandyaram, Identity Management Specialist at Nulli – Identity Management – North America

Awarded for being an active member of the (ISC)² Alberta Chapter in the Edmonton community, who shares her knowledge of cybersecurity and makes an extensive effort to educate seniors, children and their parents, as well as small firms about safe internet practices.

Hyma is an active volunteer at (ISC)2 Alberta Chapter and leads their Safe and Secure Online program. With a great passion to bring cyber safety to the most vulnerable sections of the society, she educates seniors, children, and their parents about safe internet practices, and also helps small businesses in formulating IT security policies and employee training.  As a professional consultant, she has been providing identity management solutions to various industry sectors in Canada and the US. Hyma is currently with Nulli-Identity Management in Canada as an identity specialist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

(ISC)² Diversity Award

The (ISC)² Diversity Award honors an individual who represents the core values of (ISC)² through significant contributions in driving a more diverse workforce in the cybersecurity community.

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 Ms Kristin Paget, Offensive Security Researcher, Intel – North America

Ms. Paget is a transgender woman who has continually promoted and represented diversity through her positions as “Hacker Princess” in the security departments of several leading technology companies, including Apple, Tesla, Lyft and currently, Intel.

Kristin is a multi-talented hacker whose experience crosses many domains
including cellular, automotive / self-driving, cloud, access control, operating
systems, and more. After her transition she decided not to let anything as
mundane as gender get in her way, and continued her research, speaking
engagements, and career assisting Silicon Valley with its security needs as an
“out” transgender woman. She is proud to have helped many transgender people in
the security community as advocate, counsel, role model, or simply living proof
that “trans” and “hacker” are compatible. She currently lives in California and
works for Intel on silicon-level security.

2020 Award Winners – (ISC)² CEO Awards

The (ISC)² CEO Award recognizes members who have made a significant impact on the cybersecurity community through dedicated and exceptional volunteer efforts. Nominations are made solely by (ISC)² Board members and executive staff. As selected by outgoing CEO David Shearer, this year’s recipients are as follows.

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Yves Le Roux, CISSP, Security and Privacy Expert – EMEA

Awarded for his deep dedication to helping grow (ISC)² across the EMEA region.

After his graduation from Paris University in 1970, Yves LE ROUX worked in the Rothschild  Group where, among others tasks, he was in charge of the network security and other security related issues. In 1981, he joined the French Ministry of Industry where he was in charge of the  Open Systems Standardization programs. In 1986, he took the position of European Information Security Manager at Digital Equipment.  Then, he joined the security research and development team. In 1999, he went to Entrust  Technologies, PKI software editor. In 2003, Yves joined Computer Associates Int. as a  Technology Strategist. In April 2017, he retires from CA Technologies.

James Packer, CISSP, CCSP, Head of Cyber Security, EF Education First – EMEA

Awarded for his volunteerism and support of the cybersecurity industry, including as President of the (ISC)² London Chapter and as the current Chair of the (ISC)² Chapter Advisory Council.

I’ve now been in the Information Security and Technology space for over 13 years and currently am the Head of Cyber Security at Education First, having moved from KPMG.

My areas of specialization include Security Strategy, Cloud Security, Incident Management, Security Awareness and Culture.

As the Chapter President of the (ISC)2 London Chapter; I aim to drive the Chapter towards taking action to address problems we face as an industry and society as a force for good. I am a huge advocate for breaking down the barriers around the Cyber Profession; changing the perception that information security is everyone’s responsibility and everyone can and must play a part.

In my spare time, I enjoy Scuba Diving internationally; I am a trained Scuba Diving Instructor and love to dive in warm waters. I also am a musician of 15 years and enjoy performing as a session musician in the London’s West End.

2020 Award Winners – (ISC)² Chapter Recognition Awards

The Regional (ISC)² Chapter Recognition Awards are presented to official chapters of (ISC)² within each region that best promote the vision of (ISC)² by inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Each chapter has demonstrated a well-rounded offering of activities and services designed to benefit its members and affiliates, while making a significant contribution to the profession and its local community through the core focus areas of the (ISC)² Chapter Program of Connect, Educate, Inspire and Secure. This year’s recipients in each region are as follows.

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North America – Northern Virginia Chapter

The chapter has leveraged their geographical region throughout 2019 to build strong relationships with organizations, universities and programs to educate the local community on cybersecurity, including partnering with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education to promote online safety to over 100 local children through the Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program at local schools.

Asia-Pacific – Chennai, India Chapter

As one of (ISC)²’s longest-standing chapters, it held several joint-programming events in 2019 with other security professional organizations to create visibility amongst targeted interest groups, with the goal of encouraging others to take a proactive role in inspiring a more safe and secure cyber world through education, certification and networking.

EMEA – Nigeria Chapter

The group not only hosted regular educational meetings, it also celebrated Cyber Security Awareness Month (Be Cyber Conscious), by hosting weekly webinars and hosting a National Conference just three months after it’s official formation, which consisted of speaker presentations and panel discussions.

LATAM – Peru Chapter 

With 76 percent of its members without certification, the chapter has the unique opportunity to engage security professionals and showcase the importance of gaining their certification and hosts an average of 11 meetings per year.

2020 Award WinnersCenter for Cyber Safety and Education

Julie Peeler Franz “Do It For The Children” Volunteer Award

This award is named after Julie Peeler Franz, who was the first Director of the (ISC)2 Foundation, now the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, where she led for several years. Julie had a brilliant mind and one of the wittiest personalities. She fought cancer with great courage and determination, the same way she approached her efforts to make the cyber world a safer place for everyone.

Julie was an extremely effective spokeswoman for the Center and (ISC)2. Her real passion was to build an educational program that would teach parents, seniors and especially children how to be safe and secure online. Any time you had a conversation with Julie about the Center’s educational programs, she always went right for your heart by reminding you “It’s for the children.”

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Greg Thompson, CISSP – Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Manulife Financial

Greg has extensive experience in industries ranging from Telecommunications to Financial Services. Prior to rejoining Manulife in 2018, Greg worked for Scotiabank for 15 years where he led the combined Operational & IT Risk Practices. He also spent eight years as the head of Cybersecurity Operations in his role as VP and Deputy CISO at Scotiabank. 

Greg is active in the global information security community through participation in industry forums and volunteer activities. He has been a volunteer with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education since it began and currently serves as Chairman of Board of Trustees for the Center. He is the former Vice Chair of the (ISC)2 Board of Directors and is a Board Member of the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange.

Greg has recruited and led a group of volunteers in Toronto, Canada to help support the Center and ensure citizens and children of their community have access to the Center’s award-winning programs. Each year these dedicated volunteers organize a fundraising golf outing that is used to bring the multi-award-winning Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program to children of Toronto. To-date some 20,000 children have benefited from his leadership and his efforts. As chairman of the Trustees, Greg provides inspirational leadership through both his words and deeds to the rest of the volunteers. 

2020 Partner of the Year

Volunteers are the heart of any charity, but the lifeblood comes from the support of organizations and companies that share our vision to make it a safer cyber world. These organizations provide valuable resources in time, talent and treasure, and allow us to deliver our vital programs to larger audiences around the globe. Each year, the Center for Cyber Safety and Education recognizes one of our many great partners who has gone above and beyond by providing financial support to advance the cause and taking an active role in growing the program. 

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Amazon Web Services

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education is pleased to recognize Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our 2020 Partner of the Year

AWS has become a key player in our efforts to grow the award-winning Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program into new markets. Their support, leadership and creative input into our new Cyber Safety Day outreach efforts has us on target to provide an additional 100,000 cyber safety lessons to students in the next year. AWS is partnering with the Center to target new cities and expanding not only our delivery of these vital programs in those major markets, but also bringing other organizations and sponsors with them. This team effort will greatly expand and improve our community outreach. For their leadership and commitment to making it a safer cyber world, the Center for Cyber Safety and Education is proud to recognize AWS as our 2020 Partner of the Year.